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Titan Solar Set 6kW Inverter Off Grid and 5kWh Storage 51.2V 100Ah New

Titan Solar Set 6kW Inverter Off Grid and 5kWh Storage 51.2V 100Ah New

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The set contains the new Titan Solar 6000TS+ and our 5kWh storage 51.2V 100Ah. The devices fit together very well and complement each other perfectly. As a larger version, we also offer this set with a 10kWh storage unit. The complete technical data for both devices can be found in the gallery. If you wish, we can also send you the operating instructions by email in advance.

ATTENTION: With this offer, the inverter is sent BEFORE the storage. The inverter will be sent with DHL , the storage will then only arrive in about 12 weeks by freight forwarder. Please only order if you agree!

We successfully had the Titan Solar 5000TS in our range. We had it in our range as an alternative to the identically constructed Growatt 5000ES as a cheap variant of a 5Kw off-grid inverter with battery connection. Growatt has already announced the successor model 6000ES.

Our new model Titan Solar 6000TS is 100% identical to the new 2023 model Growatt 6000ES (except for the logo).

In addition to the increased performance, the new model has a weatherproof housing, finally two string connections and a completely revised layout. It's definitely worth the small surcharge compared to the old device. We deliver with the official WiFi dongle and our USB stick with German and English instructions as a PDF document. You will also find all technical data, instructions, installation instructions and brochures for our other products on the USB stick.

The Titan Solar 6000TS offers an automatic switchover to the grid when there is no sun and the batteries are empty. This makes it an ideal inverter for self-consumption. Also suitable for island systems! Lead and lithium batteries with 48V/51.2V can be connected.
If the power supply from the PV modules is insufficient, the inverter automatically supplements the missing power requirement with the help of the connected batteries.

At night or if the PV modules fail completely and the batteries are empty, the inverter automatically switches to the AC power source (energy supplier). This means that the electricity is NOT fed into the grid but stored in your batteries and consumed by yourself. This inverter cannot feed into the public grid!
The inverter can be configured via Wifi with a Handy App on iPhone or Android, or via a Windows PC with the Growatt software. This is supplied on the USB stick.

We would also be happy to email you the instructions in advance. See the gallery for full specs.

Technical data of the Titan Solar 6000TS

- Single phase inverter

- 3 inverters are required for 3-phase operation - weight: 13.5 kg - inverter protection class: IP20 (indoor installation) - technical principle: transformerless, single-phase connection
- Rated power 6000W (6kW) - Up to 8000W installed panels peak possible - Number of MPP trackers: 2 - Number of string connections: 2 - Max. 16A on the strings
- Parallel operation of several inverters possible
- Configurable via LCD display or with app
- Automatic restart on power recovery
- Overload over temperature short circuit protection
- Optimized charging process for perfect battery performance
- Island operation possible
- Can obtain additionally required energy from the grid
- 24 months warranty
- The maximum input voltage is 500 V - Minimum input voltage: 150 V approx. 1300 watts - Inverter dimensions: 460 x 395 x 132 mm - Mains frequency range: 50 / 60 Hz - DC power (max.): 6000 W - Communication interfaces: WIFI , USB
- With MPPT charge control to optimize charge/discharge of the battery.
- Parallel scaling: multiple inverters can be connected in series. - Serial scaling: if higher kW is required on one phase, multiple units can be scaled in series.

Cross-sections and lengths of the supplied cables:

5kWh: AWG6 - 13.30mm Length 60cm

10kWh: AWG4 - 21.15mm length 60cm

Battery Disposal Notes:
In connection with the sale of batteries or the delivery of devices that contain batteries, we are obliged to draw your attention to the following:
As an end user, you are legally obliged to return used batteries. You can return old batteries that we have or have had in our range as new batteries to our shipping warehouse (shipping address) free of charge. The symbols shown on the batteries have the following meaning:
The symbol of the crossed-out wheeled bin means that the battery must not be disposed of with household waste.
Pb = battery contains more than 0.004% lead by mass
Cd = battery contains more than 0.002 percent by mass of cadmium
Hg = battery contains more than 0.0005 percent by mass of mercury.

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