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Monoblock heat pump PM Versati - R32 EEC A+++ 14kW up to 5 COP

Monoblock heat pump PM Versati - R32 EEC A+++ 14kW up to 5 COP

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We now also offer you PM monoblock heat pumps. The devices are identical to Gree. Gree is still largely unknown in Europe, but in China it is one of the market leaders for heat pumps and also produces heat pumps for various other manufacturers worldwide (Innova Nordic Monoblock, Olimpia Splendid Monoblock, Aermec Monoblock). These devices are absolutely reliable, like all manufacturers that we include in our range. Instructions can be found on the Internet, but we would also be happy to send you the documents. Technical data can be found in the photos. All 10/12/14/16kW devices we offer have the dimensions 878mm-1200mm-460mm and weigh 151kg.

The heat pump is single-phase.

The Versati III - monoblock high-temperature heat pump supports underfloor heating, radiators and fan convectors.
The monobloc system facilitates the installation as it consists of only one outdoor part that integrates the heat pump and the hydraulic module in one unit. It is an ideal heat pump when installation needs to be as simple as possible and there is no space for an indoor unit. The Versati III - Monoblock contains high-quality standard components such as Wilo circulation pumps, Alpha Laval and Danfoss plate heat exchangers, the patented, two-stage GREE rotary piston compressor with injection technology and a DC inverter fan motor.

Technical specifications:

- Monophasic

- Two-stage rotary piston compressor with injection technology
- Touchscreen display with German menu navigation
- Can be controlled via WiFi with the GREE+ app
- Flow temperature up to 60°C
- Variable speed circulation pump
- Integrated expansion tank and safety valve
- Anti-Legionella protection function
- The remote management interface allows the device to be managed via Modbus and integrated into a BMS system

- Possibility of regulation according to the weather, room temperature or thermostat control
- Possibility of cooling via fan coils and underfloor heating
- Energy class A+++ (35°C)
- Self-diagnosis: The system monitors the status and displays an error code in the event of an error
- Whisper mode
- Automatic restart in case of power failure
- Flow temperature up to 60 degrees, therefore also suitable for older existing buildings with radiators.

Other features:
- Compact air/water heat pump with the latest generation of DC inverter technology.
- Equipped with the functions of cooling, heating and water heating.
- Single-phase version
- Reaches very high heating efficiencies, up to 5 COP.
- Its integrated structure, which includes all hydraulic components, allows for easy installation - and saves on associated costs.

- It uses R32, a refrigerant with low impact on global warming and no impact on the ozone layer, characterized by high energy efficiency and a 30% reduced charge compared to R410A.
- The two-stage compressor, thanks to its special technology, guarantees exceptional performances over a very wide operating range.
- The range of outdoor temperatures varies from -25 ° C to ~ + 35 ° C for heating, from +10 to + 48 ° C for cooling and from -25 ° C to + 45 ° C for hot water production.
- The temperature range of the leaving water is 25 ~ 65 ° C: this allows the use of this heat pump both with underfloor heating, with hydraulic connections and with medium temperature radiators.
- The Axial DC Brushless fans are designed for aerodynamic optimization: they guarantee low noise levels but high efficiency and large airflow.
- The heat exchangers are equipped with a special anti-corrosion treatment: the fins, made of aluminium-manganese, are covered with a special layer of epoxy resin, with a typical golden color and an additional hydrophilic layer.
- It is equipped with an electrical resistance on the base to avoid ice formation during winter use.
- It is equipped with an electronic expansion valve.
- All important hydraulic components are integrated inside: inverter pump, plate heat exchanger
Expansion tank, safety valve, flow switch
- Water filter included (mandatory installation)
- The setting is done through a multifunctional touch screen control panel that allows you to manage: A 3-way reversing valve (not included) for hot water production,
A 2-way valve (not included) to shut off part of the system

- Weekly programming with time bands
- Automatic restart after a power failure
- Emergency operation (can activate a backup heat source)
- Rapid hot water function
- Climate adaptation (weather dependent mode)
- Quiet function for silent operation, programmable with timer
- Condensation control
- Activation of the anti-Legionella cycle: weekly heating of the entire tank to a temperature (max 70ºC) allows the elimination of the bacterium responsible for the infection

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