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10kWh Stack Storage PV Titanium Solar Accumulator Battery 51.2V 200Ah New LiFePO4 Lithium 10 Year Warranty

10kWh Stack Storage PV Titanium Solar Accumulator Battery 51.2V 200Ah New LiFePO4 Lithium 10 Year Warranty

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In this offer you buy 1x our 10kWh stackable battery with 10kWh including a base with rollers (as can be seen in the photos) and the connection cables from the battery to your inverter.

Please read carefully before buying: We have a new cooperation with a well-known lithium battery manufacturer in China. The manufacturer has existed for 10 years and now supplies us exclusively in Germany. We buy very large quantities and therefore get an unbeatable price for the batteries. And a guarantee of 10 years / 6000 charging cycles. Technical data can be found in the photos.

What you still need to know: The battery control from almost all battery manufacturers is purchased and is universal. This means that all manufacturers actually use the same software. It is important that you get the latest generation of lithium cells here: LiFePO4. This stack battery system can be expanded to up to 5 devices, i.e. 50 kWh. With each battery element you will receive a stand with castors on which the battery can be placed. If you only need a stand with several storage modules, please take a look at the other offers - we offer up to 50 kWh in 10 kWh increments.

Compatible with almost all low-voltage inverters: Growatt Deye SMA Victron Solis Goodwe TitanSolar and many more. Actually all inverters that can control 48-52V batteries and use RS232 / CAN / RS485 for this. Also note the photo with the connections! We are often asked which inverters the batteries are compatible with. We can make the following statement about this: If Pylontech batteries 48V/51.2V are accepted, then so are the Titan Solar batteries. Our recommendation for these batteries are the hybrid inverters from Deye, which we offer as 5kW single-phase and 8kW, 10kW and 12kW three-phase, as well as the Growatt 5000ES/6000ES / TitanSolar 5000TS/6000TS in 5kW/6kW version as a single-phase stand-alone inverter. But this storage system can also be operated with the Growatt series SPH3000-6000TL and the Victron Energy Multiplus-II 48V (both single-phase). The complete list can be found in the end customer shop under "Compatibility list" in the footer.

ATTENTION: This storage system does NOT work with high-voltage inverters such as Huawei SUN2000-10KTL , Plenticore Plus or Growatt SPH10000TL3 !!!

We also offer wall mount models in 2.5 kWh / 5.0 kWh / 10.0 kWh and a 19" rack mount model in 2.4 kWh elements. Please see our shop.

Why are we so cheap? Unfortunately, what you have to deal with at the moment is the long waiting time. However, you can withdraw from the purchase at any time during the approx. three months delivery time (sea freight to Berlin), in which case you will receive a refund and the next customer in line will be happy. Delivery takes place due to the almost 100 kg by forwarding agency. You will receive an invoice with VAT from our GmbH, which has been in existence for 20 years.

In addition to the waiting time, another point is more decisive for the price: we have a much lower margin than many of our competitors. We get by with that and would like to pass our low prices on to you. A purchase is only made through payment. If payment is not made within 14 days of purchase, we will cancel the order.

The storages have a built-in intelligent high-class BMS (Battery Management System) compatible with Pylontech and equipped with continuous balancing. The task of this system is to check the voltage and temperature of the cells during charging and discharging. If dangerous values ​​are exceeded, the system is throttled or the charging cycle is stopped.

Please note that with all existing lithium batteries, later capacity upgrades are possible, but all units then always behave like the oldest battery. This is the case with all manufacturers, except that you will usually only be told this when you ask. We therefore recommend that you plan the battery to the extent that it really suits your needs.

The technical data:
Energy: 10 KWh
Rated Voltage: 51.2V
Nominal capacity: 200Ah
Cell Type: LifePO4 Battery Lithium by BYD
Charge Voltage: 58.4V
Max charging current: 80A
Discharge cut off voltage: 40V
Max discharge current: 200A
Display: LCD
Data interface: RS232 / CAN / RS485
Cycle life: ≥ 6000 cycles
Charging temperature range: 0~55℃
Discharge Temperature Range: -5~55℃
Dimensions: 690*560*290mm
Weight: over 91 kg

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